Follow a photographer’s journey from an iPhone camera wielding a true amateur, to a professional, seasoned photographer. Gather inspiration from this camera master as he shows us what it means to capture the beauty of steel, ultimately immortalizing it in a photo.

A3 Photography is not only a collection of photos, but the embodiment of artistic passion, cultivated through years of practice and dedication. The photographer’s love for his craft is connected to his love for memories.
Come to think of it, every person may seem to value different things such as cars, money, or even partying. However, all of these earthly pleasures all boil down to one thing, memories. Photography has the power to capture these moments and provide you with a reminder of a person, place, or even in the future.
A3 Photography started out with automobiles as its main subject. However, as the years went by, the photographer grew to find beauty, not only in metal, but in living, breathing flesh. The collection of impressive photographs only grows bigger as the passion continues to burn brighter.