The subtle but strong sound of the click? Or the undeniable wonder of the flash? What drew me in to this medium of creative expression? I can’t choose. I won’t choose. All I know is that I was entranced by the wonder of it all and still continue to be.In the very beginning, all I had was an iPhone camera and a love for automobiles; this is how it all started. At first my subjects were inanimate; gorgeous pieces of steel and glass accessorized in every which way almost as if they were eager for their close-up shots. But soon after, my subjects also included living, breathing souls whose essence I tried to capture with every click and flash.

My love for photography grew even stronger from then on. People may value their luxury homes, automobiles, and other such possessions, but it cannot be denied that people value nothing more than their memories. At A3 Photography memories aren’t only made, but they are also captured for all of eternity. All it takes is a click and a flash. All it takes is creative vision. I have both. It’s who I am and who I will always be. I invite you now to take a look at the world through my lens.